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Nap Duvet

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Nap Duvet


│ Product Description │

Nap Duvet assembled set consists of double-sided cotton quilted pad, quilted duvet cover, pillow and microfiber.

│ Product Features │

editorimg This quilted pad and duvet are thick, soft and fluffy, so this will cause baby’s sound sleep.
It will be useful for babies and children especially in kindergarten.
editorimg It is really easy to fold and light to carry, so even children can fold it in 30 seconds or carry it themselves.
editorimg We use 100% microfiber filler for the pillow.
editorimg This fabric has been processed for babies and also we use eco-friendly dyestuff,
so our products are very human-friendly.
editorimg We are 100% vertical. Our products are manufactured by Ari Be Be’s own factory,
so we can control all the production process very properly and effectively


│ Product Specification │

• Fabric: 100% Cotton
• Filler: 100% Microfiber
• N.W: 1.5kg
• Size
- Pad: L1000 x W600 (mm)
- Duvet: 1000 x 900
- Pillow: 300 x 600

│ Product Patterns │

There are 6 patterns that you can choose
(But, we can customize the patterns and designs accordingly to your desires)
①Strawberry, ②Tinker Bell, ③Pink Princess, ④Giraffe Farm, ⑤Baby Dinosaur, ⑥Car

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Nap Duvet